A Tiefling Warlock with a tentacle for an arm.


Akmenos began his quest with Chrom back in Winterhaven and together they took down Kalarel. On venturing to the Thunderspire Labyrinth in pursuit of the Bloodreavers, the group split up and Akmenos went his own way with the Tiefling Warlord, Pankas.

The two of them were captured by the Bloodreavers, though Akmenos was later rescued by Chrom and his new team of adventurers. The Bloodreavers, who are apparently a front from a cult of Torog, had performed hideous operations on him though, replacing his right arm with a tentacle from a Phalagar and his left eye with one from a Duergar.

Having been smuggled back to the Seven-Pillared Hall, he was treated by the Mages of Saruun. He managed to escape the Tower when Paldemar led his coup, and joined the rest of the party when they led their assault against Paldemar’s forces.


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