The deaf Querent married to Dryw.


Asariri is a middle-aged Human woman, though few outside the Mages of Saruun see her without her robes and mask. She typically dresses in a black robe fringed with white, contrasting Dryw’s white robe fringed with black. She wears the typical mouthless, iron mask of the Querents, though hers has no opening for the ears. She carries a clay bowl full of water and a staff of white wood.

Her magic is based in the elements of Earth and Water.

Known as the Sage, Asariri specializes in divination magic, specifically in blocking mundane eavesdropping. She was born deaf and linked with the blind Dryw at an early age, together forming a powerful couple capable of blocking out mundane and magical means of eavesdropping. Like all Querents, she was made mute on taking the position. She is married to Dryw and the two share their senses of hearing and sight.

When Paldemar began his coup to take control of the Mages of Saruun, Asariri managed to escape with the aid of her husband. Dryw, however, was captured, and the two have been cut off from one another by some means. Being a diviner, Asariri managed to evade capture by disguising herself as a beggar and positioning herself to run into the party before they assaulted the Tower. She has joined them in hopes of finding her husband alive and well.


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