Fotrend Banhammer


Deep under the mountains, there once a great dwarven city thriving with life. It was renowned for its incredible structures carved into the rock by master artisans, mines rich with precious metals and gems, and its proud and prosperous people. Though these blessings brought happiness to the dwarves, their wealth made them greedy. The riches they earned could not satisfy their selfish desires and they mined recklessly for the rarest metals and gems. They mined too deep with no precautions and dug up the earth’s magma. Its flow could not be contained as it ate and defaced everything the dwarves treasured. Nearly instantly the dwarves had lost their home, their possessions, and their faith in their god Moradin.

The people now wander the surface of the earth. A people once revered but now pitied as refugees. Among these refugees are the Banhammers. The Banhammers are a noble family, that were praised for their magical rune weapon and armorsmithing in the old city. They would personally make their enchanted weapons for other nobles and even the royal family. Though the family no longer has their ancient forge for smithing, they still value their knowledge of the runes and teach the secrets to their children. One of the children, Fotrend Banhammer, took great interest in the runic lore. He gained an impressive understanding of the runes and he intended to put his knowledge to great use. After years of training and preparation, Fotrend set off with his cousin Groider to find a new home for his people and reinstate his clan’s status.

During their travels together, the two clans men were inseparable. Both ventured with purpose, for there was wealth and pride at stake. They met many people in their travels, hoping to make allies with them, and heard many wondrous tales of mountains filled with gold and legendary items. Fotrend was the calm, level headed of the pair. He focused on his desire to help his family and never forgot his loyalty to Moradin. However, Fotrend does have his weaknesses. Gold has a hypnotic effect on him. The touch and even the look of gold captivates him and even can cause him to act irrationally to obtain it. Fotrend’s cousin Groider favored the idea of finding legendary items protected by trolls and dragons. He would cheerfully speak of the sagas they would sing of their return from bloody combat to their family carrying their spoils that would lead to the reinstatement of the family name. So when the two heard of the Perpetual tankard of Byor Rimstone (P.B.R.), Groider could not contain himself. The legendary PBR was said that once it was filled with a drink, it would never empty. Fortrend did not believe that such an item existed and they could not spare their time looking for it. After much discussion and debate, it was decided that Fotrend and Groider would seperate and go their different paths for now. Fotrend continues on his own from town to town looking for friends, wealth, and fame.

Fotrend Banhammer

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