Lucille Azaer

The iron lady of House Azaer


Lucille Azaer is the moderately plump, bronze-skinned and black-haired Tiefling matriarch of House Azaer. The eldest of the affluent and influential Azaer family, she leaves most of the daily issues to her younger siblings and children, focusing instead on the city council. She is extremely traditional and rules the family with a mix of fear and respect; mere mention of her name is often enough to instill a correction in behaviour.


She is a member of Fallcrest’s city council.
She is the aunt of Noristo Azaer, head of the House Azaer branch in the Seven-Pillared Hall.
She is the mother of Amara Azaer, head of House Azaer’s local interests in Fallcrest.

Lucille Azaer

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