A Tiefling cultist of Torog who also happened to be an Ordinator Arcanis and leader of the Bloodreavers.


An imposing Tiefling, his red skin fades to black around the multitude of horns protruding from his head, jaw, and chin. A slim mask of gold covers his eyes and nose, but does little to conceal his identity. He wears a white robe trimmed in gold, an open slit in the back for his long prehensile tail.

He was the leader of the former Bloodreavers, a group of slavers used as a front for a sect of the Order of Amalgamation, a cult of Torog. He planned to summon Torog to the surface, destroying the Thunderspire in the process, but was defeated while performing the ritual and was last seen crushed beneath several tons of stone.


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