The large Deva Invoker out to destroy civilization as we know it.


When Peleg awoke in his current reincarnation he was confused and dazed. His last lifetime ended in a tragedy that he was unable to remember. While wandering in this semi-conscious stupor, he came across a dwarfen caravan. Wileak Rakust, an artificer and the leader of the dwarfen expedition, recognized him as one of the Deva and helped him compose himself. After a few weeks, Peleg was able to compose his thoughts enough to decide what to do with his current lifetime. Over the course of his stay in the caravan, Wileak befriended Peleg and explained their expedition’s purpose. They were from a nearby mountain that lacked a clean burning fuel source and had heard rumor of a power source created by Melora in times past. It was said to be located in the lost city of Riminouscolous, which was destroyed by Melora in a squabble with Erathis, and now lies somewhere in the haunted swamp known as the Witchlight Fens.

Deciding this was as worthy a venture as any other, Peleg joined the expedition. He stayed with the expedition’s main camp for 20 years until the power source was discovered. Not wanting to go into a dwarfen city, Peleg said goodbye to his good friend Wileak Rakust and set off to find a new goal to improve his character. Wileak returned to his home near the Harkenforge Mountain south of the Nentir Vale, where he keeps a seat in his hall for Peleg should Peleg ever need his aid.

Wileak’s dwarfen faction is an old and isolated tribe that distances itself from other dwarfs. His tribe believes that Moradin betrayed the dwarfs and has pledged their lives and service to Melora. As has Peleg, so Peleg seeks to advance Melora’s cause on his travels.


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