Svafa Blackhand

The bloodscythe-wielding Paladin of the Raven Queen.


Svafa wears a custom-made platemail that bears the symbol of the Raven Queen prominently on the breastplate. The boots and gauntlets are designed to look like talons, and the helm is a visored sallet designed to look like the skull of a raven. Raven feathers made of black iron feature throughout the armour, and she wears a long cloak of raven feathers to complete the outfit. She typically carries no weapons, but summons a scythe made of blood when in combat.

Svafa came into the world as an infant, though the identity of her mother, or even if she had one, is unknown. As a child only a few days old, she was left at a shrine to the Raven Queen in the small village of Easthill, part of the Barony of Harkenwold. The caretaker and priest Suriel Blackhand took her in and raised her, teaching her what little history and religion he could alongside his own sons, Samael (Sam) and Helgi, and his daughter, Disir. Living in a farming community on the borders of the Harken Forest, she spent much of her youth helping with the planting and harvesting of the fields.

Around the age of 30, Suriel passed away and Svafa left her foster family to seek her destiny- having known from an early age that she had been sent to the mortal world as an emissary of the Raven Queen, though not knowing to what end. Suriel’s family still resides in Easthill, and his granddaughter, Mist, is now caretaker of the shrine. The Blackhands welcome Svafa as one of their own, though now the children she grew up with are in their 50s and 60s with grandchildren of their own.

As a Paladin of the Raven Queen, she despises the undead and seeks to end their unnatural existence. She is still unsure of the reason for her birth, but believes it to be tied to Torog and the necromantic practices of some of his cultists.

Svafa Blackhand

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