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  • Fallcrest - House Azaer

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    House Azaer Membership

    *House Members* The highest tier of membership belongs to Tieflings who bear the name Azaer. Most members are hereditary, but joining isn't as rare …

  • Noristo Azaer

    A young Tiefling with purplish-grey skin, who tends to wear bright (and expensive) clothes. As a member of the Azaer family, Noristo has been put in charge of their Seven-Pillared Hall branch to gain experience and prove his worth. He fears the …

  • Lucille Azaer

    Lucille Azaer is the moderately plump, bronze-skinned and black-haired Tiefling matriarch of House Azaer. The eldest of the affluent and influential Azaer family, she leaves most of the daily issues to her younger siblings and children, focusing instead …