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  • Melora

    [[Main Page]] > [[Cosmology]] > Melora *Alignment:* Unaligned *Portfolio:* Wilderness, Nature, the Sea *Residence:* Wanders the cosmos *Titles:* The Huntress

    Names and other aspects:
    *Melora* is her name in the ancient language of the …

  • Korin Tiefrot

    A red-haired Dwarf from a group of outcast Dwarfs who lost their mountainhome in a volcanic eruption. Worships Melora, but follows the silent tradition of Dumathoin, only speaking when absolutely necessary, on prescribed festival days, or through means …

  • Peleg

    When Peleg awoke in his current reincarnation he was confused and dazed. His last lifetime ended in a tragedy that he was unable to remember. While wandering in this semi-conscious stupor, he came across a dwarfen caravan. Wileak Rakust, an artificer …