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The Nentir Vale has seen many empires in its time. Long ago, part of Bael Turath, the Vale was stained with the corrupting influence of the rising Tiefling race and their diabolical magic. Turathi ruins dot the landscape and form the foundations for the oldest cities in the region.

After Bael Turath’s fall, the Vale became the seat of power for the Minotaur empire of Saruun Khel. The Minotaur ruled for several centuries before the Madness and the fall of their empire.

As the Madness destroyed the Minotaur empire, the Nerathi Empire to the south struck, claiming the Vale as its own. The Nerathi were a multi-cultural empire, and the Dwarfs of the Dawnforge Mountains built their first mountainhome in the Nentir Vale during this time.

Four hundred years ago, the Nerathi Empire was torn apart. The Nentir Vale was spared the Gnoll invasion that blighted the south, but the Orcs of the Stonemarch were little better. The regional capital of Fallcrest was razed and the trade routes were abandoned.

Now, the remnants of the Nerathi Empire huddle together in small communities while the Orc and Goblin tribes roam the Vale. The Dawnforge Dwarfs still hold their end of the Vale from Hammerfast and denizens of the Underdark make excursions from the ancient city of Saruun Khel.

Significant Cultures

The Humans of Nerath
The Tieflings and Humans of Bael Turath
The Dammerungberg Dwarfs
The Wendlas Halflings

Minor Cultures

The Dragonborn of Arkhosia
The Verlassen of Horchenberg
The Minotaurs of Saruun Khel
The Goblin Tribes of the Nentir Vale
The Shifter Tribes of the North
The Orcs of the Stonemarch

Uncommon Races


Cultures and Races of Nerath

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