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Here major events in the plot are recorded by their in-game date. The most recent events are at the top of the list.

9th of Tyche: Having lost two days (but not realizing it), the party wakes to plot their next course of action.

7th of Tyche: Returning to Gardmore, the group decides to first check out the watchtower before returning to the Elfs, hoping to gain an advantage over the other adventurers and cut them out of any reward. As the approach, something is notably wrong with the watchtower and the Key card that Peleg has been carrying begins to glow before a door appears in the side of the tower. Not being pansies, they enter and are trapped within the Far Realm prison contained within the tower. Ascending the tower, only Korin manages to have no trouble, while the rest of the group struggle – all but Korin and Taurios becoming lost for what seems like eons before Peleg is seized and dragged into a portal by some chaotic monstrosity. But it’s alright!, he comes back – only, now he can’t speak anything but Primordial, has an additional vestigial head, and all his teeth fall out.

Eventually they manage to regroup and make it to the final level of the tower where they face the Beholder. Nearly losing multiple members of the party they manage to scrape out a win and defeat the Beholder after Taurios recovers from the sleep spell he was put under. On doing so the Far Realm influence begins to collapse, a black hole forming where the Beholder was slain. Peleg’s mutations are removed and he returns to normal as the tower is cleansed. Before completely disappearing, the black hole stabilizes into a shimmering sack containing three more cards (Void, Skull, Throne). The party calls it quits for the night and rests in the top of the tower.

5th of Tyche: Back in Winterhaven, the party meets with Padraig to report their findings. Padraig requests that they convince the Elfs to form an alliance with Winterhaven so they can drive off the Orcs. Sir Oakley is noticeably avoiding them. The party rests in town for the night before setting off for the abbey in the morning.

3rd of Tyche: After some planning, and pickpocketing on Gilzorro’s part, our honest and virtuous heroes create a plan to get Grosh (the other party’s Orc) to join them. Chrom and Gilzorro head out to hunt with Grosh in the morning, during which they manage to convince him that Tam has agreed to the change in his contract, but only after their current contract with Padraig is finished. Peleg uses his Hand of Fate to divine the direction of Analastra, and follows it up with asking “In which direction is Berrian’s goal?”, which points to the watch tower sticking out above the grove’s treeline. The two parties split, Tam’s following the watch tower lead and Chrom’s seeking out Analastra. After finding and rescuing Analastra, the group receives their payment, gets an update from the other party, and heads back to Winterhaven with their scouting report.

2nd of Tyche: Arriving late in the afternoon, the party finds fresh corpses at the gates of Gardmore Abbey. The group enters the town ruins at the base of the abbey, and spends several minutes debating where to go before being interrupted by an Ettin. They manage to talk and bribe their way past the Ettin with a keg of beer (a half for each head!) and sympathize with Spike (the sober head) over the abuse he receives from Bruse (the violent drunk head). They kill several orcs before encountering the Orc chieftain who offers to hire them, rather than go through the costly mess of having to kill each other. The players agree to his terms (get rid of the Elfs and some haunted buildings? Sure!). Deciding to be rid of the Elfs first, they head into the woods, where they run across another party, led by the Human Tam, fighting spiders and join in, but the other party flees before the fight is finished. Not long after they clear out an Owlbear couple from an old cottage and prepare to camp for the night when the other party shows up looking to find shelter for the night in the same cottage. Taunting and name-calling ensue, before the two parties work out their differences and decide not to harass or kill one another. In fact, our heroes decide on the wise course of action of aiding the other party with their quest, in exchange for part of the pay and not having to deal with the Elfs.

1st of Tyche: Padraig meets the group at Wrafton’s Inn about the recent Orc raids and hires them to scout Gardmore Abbey. The party leaves Banhammer behind (but takes his keg pony) and Taurios joins them on their scouting trip.

28th of Pelor: Entering Winterhaven, the group meets a Minotaur warrior while waiting to see Lord Padraig. They report their success in eliminating the Bloodreavers and manage to infuriate a new member of Padraig’s court, Sir Oakley, a Paladin of Bahamut interested in reclaiming Gardmore Abbey.

26th of Pelor: The group arrives at The Hanging Kobold, a hostel on the outskirts of the Gardbury Downs along the King’s Road. The hostel is attacked by Orc raiders that night and the party successfully fends them off with the aid of some other “wannabe” adventurers and the resident dogs.

21st of Pelor: Pelor’s Days comes to an end and the group sets off for Winterhaven to report their success to Padraig and check on the Goblins at Shadowfell Keep. The group now consists of Chrom, Peleg, Korin, Banhammer, and Gilzorro.

17th of Pelor: The midsummer festival, Pelor’s Days, begins and a banquet is held on the first night to honour our heroes and celebrate the formation of the Council of Seven.

14th of Pelor: Public elections are held for the three elected Seats and the Council of Seven is formed. Zud Zud is representing the Hall Market, while Noristo represents the Hall as a whole.

5th of Pelor: Noristo comes to meet the party at the Halfmoon Inn with several enforcers. After some discussion, the group apologizes (sorta) and offers to help back him as well, but for a different Seat on the council. Thus begins two weeks of campaigning and preparations for the upcoming midsummer holiday.

4th of Pelor: The next morning, the Hall’s new heroes wake in their rooms at the inn to find the Hall returning to some semblance of sanity. Small skirmishes can still be heard, clouds of smoke hover above the Hall, the old shrine to Torog is now a gaping chasm, and the Hall Militia are out in force. Answering a summons from Brugg, the group meets some of the most influential members of the Hall and discusses a new government run by council. The group decides to put someone of their own in a council Seat, and so begin a smear campaign against the local head of House Azaer, Noristo, and searching out someone to represent the Hall Market on their behalf. The group decides to support the Goblin rug merchant, Zud Zud, and throw a massive party/rally for him. Chrom also meets a golden-scaled female Dragonborn that awards him a ring and spends a good amount of time with the group.

3rd of Pelor: Unable to return to town, as Paldemar has put the Hall under martial law, the group joins Brugg and seeks out friendly Mages, among them Asariri, to overthrow Paldemar. Banhammer and Gilzorro join the party as they assault the Mage Tower in force. After securing the entrance to the Tower, the group leaves behind Gilderos, Brugg, and the Hall Militia to defend the portal.

Exploring the halls of the Mage Tower, they find evidence of several fights, aid a Hobgoblin in recapturing a loose Drake of the Moon Hills, stumble upon a thunderstorm, and rescue several apprentice mages and their Eladrin instructor before finding their way to the Hall of Ordinators. They manage to rescue Mahou and Dryw by breaking the ritual sealing their rooms, and in the process unwittingly bring down the Tower’s defensive wards. Finally, they enter Paldemar’s sanctum and defeat him before he can complete his ritual to summon Torog and drop the mountain into the Underdark. Paldemar in crushed in stone, but our heroes manage to recover his severed hand before fleeing the collapsing sanctum to the Hall.

2nd of Pelor: Our heroes wake to shouting as several Bloodreavers, led by Krand, are attempting to make it through the hall of mirrors to attack the party. The party forms a plan and manages to use the mirrors to their advantage, slaughtering the Bloodreavers. They find the bell that’s supposed to open the magical lock trapping them and ring it, freeing the slaves and unleashing the horde of demons trapped in the Well atop the ziggurat. Fleeing, they gather the slaves and fight their way past the corrupt Querent Etemmu to return to the Hall.

1st of Pelor: Early in the morning, long before the start of the day, the party is attacked in their room at the inn. When they get up later they are arrested by Brugg and taken for sentencing. They are let go, as they are on assignment from Mahou. They return to the Well of Demons and are magically locked inside by Paldemar. Proceeding into the ancient monastery they find several chained slaves and a gladiatorial arena, climb the ziggurat in the center of the complex, and nearly go insane in the hall of mirrors. Finding the High Priest’s chambers beyond the hall of mirrors, they make camp for the night.

28th of Vir: Woken in the morning, the group meets the Ordinator Mahou for the first time. After some investigation (and beer breakfast), they hire a guide to lead them to the Well of Demons. They find and rescue a mutilated Akmenos, his arm replaced with a tentacle and large portions of his body flayed. They return with Akmenos to the Hall and seek help from the Mahou in treating him.

27th of Vir: The new party clears out the Chamber of Eyes and encounters a Minotaur that seems to be part Beholder.

26th of Vir: Akmenos and Pankas set off on their own. Chrom recruits Peleg, Korin, Svafa, Gilderos, and Fifi to help fight the Bloodreavers.

25th of Vir: The group heads into the Labyrinth for the first time and finds their way to the Chamber of Eyes. They get in over their heads and retreat to the Hall to regroup.

24th of Vir: After several days on the road, the group reaches the Seven-Pillared Hall within Thunderspire Mountain. They get permanent lodging at the Halfmoon Inn.

16th of Vir: Our heroes leave Winterhaven following their lead on the Bloodreavers.

13th of Vir: Kalarel is slain and his nefarious plans are put to an end. Winterhaven is safe!

10th of Vir: The goblin king is overthrown, and Kurd is set up as the new king of goblins. A tentative peace between the goblins of the Shadowfell Keep and the people of Winterhaven is reached.

8th of Vir: Chrom, Akmenos, and Pankas arrive in Winterhaven seeking fortune and glory.

Game Timeline

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