Torog's Bane

Welcome to Thunderspire

Two parties enter, one party leaves

13 Vir – 26 Vir

Having defeated Kalarel, the party returned to Winterhaven victorious. The next several days were spent in discussions between Lord Padraig and the Goblins of Shadowfell Keep.

The 14th was both the summer solstice and a Nerathi holiday, the Vigil of the Forgotten God. A public feast was held in the town square before nightfall and many of the locals spent the night at the local temple in observation of the holiday.

After satisfactorily concluding the first meetings with the Goblins, the party, now only Chrom, Akmenos, and Pankas, left to pursue Kalarel’s connection with the Bloodreavers. They traveled several days along the Trade Road, stopping in Fallcrest on the 21st to resupply. Following leads they acquired in Fallcrest, they set their sights further east and the party finally enters the Thunderspire on the 26th of Vir, beneath the auspicious sign of a large full moon.

26 Vir – 28 Vir

Following the Road of Lanterns through the Thunderspire Labyrinth, the party happened upon a group of Hobgoblins cornering a Halfling. Acting quickly, they rescued the Halfling and collected their first Bloodreaver kills. The Halfling, Rendil Halfmoon, led them to his family’s inn in the Seven-Pillared Hall, where they were offered a free room in gratitude for rescuing Rendil. The party crashed for the night and spent the next couple days learning their way around the Hall, while also investigating the Bloodreavers and their activities.

On the 28th, the three make their first excursion into the Labyrinth and assault the Chamber of Eyes. They quickly realize they are outnumbered and outmatched by the Bloodreavers based there and return to the Hall defeated but alive.

01 Pelor

Convinced that they need a larger party, Chrom begins recruiting at the Halfmoon Inn. He befriends a large deva named Peleg and his sidekick, a Dwarf Druid named Korin, over drinks and the two agree to aid his party. Overhearing their conversation, a heavily armoured paladin wearing a cloak of raven feathers approaches and introduces herself as Svafa. She offers to join their party, as she is also working against the Bloodreavers.

Akmenos and Pankas, however, had grown impatient and left for the Chamber of Eyes while Chrom was busy. When Chrom discovered this he gathered the new recruits and they quickly set off to mount a rescue. In route to the Chamber of Eyes, a Satyr intercepted them and requested to accompany them in their travels. They recognized him as the bard from the inn and welcomed him to the party. Now with five members, Chrom renewed the assault on the Bloodreavers, but was repelled once more as the prolonged fights and mounting attrition wore at the party’s resolve. Turning back, the party regrouped in the Hall and prepared to make a final assault.

02 Pelor – 03 Pelor

The next morning, Svafa announced that she had a pressing concern to address and would not be able to return to the Chamber of Eyes with the party. Chrom and the others set about recruiting another member and persuaded the Dragonborn barbarian, Fifi to help them. The rest of the day was spent planning and outfitting the party to finally clear the Chamber of Eyes.

On the morning of the third, the party set out for the Chamber of Eyes. They ran into a scouting party of Bloodreavers along the way, but managed to wipe them out before any could escape or raise the alarm. When they arrived at the chamber, they found the Hobgoblins packing crates and loading carts, as they prepared to abandon their base of operations after the frequent attacks. The party rushed in, slaughtering the unprepared Bloodreavers before finally encountering one of their elite, a twisted Minotaur that appeared to be part Beholder.

With the Chamber of Eyes finally cleared and no sign of their former party members, the group returned to the Halfmoon Inn to recuperate and plan their next steps.


Svafa Svafa

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