Torog's Bane

Winterhaven and the Keep on the Shadowfell

A prequel of what's to come...

8 Vir

On the eighth day of the fourth month, Vir, only a week before the summer solstice, a ragtag group of wanderers arrived in the small town of Winterhaven. Their leader, a bronze Dragonborn warrior named Chrom had heard tell of mercenary work in the region while in Fallcrest and recruited three others to accompany him: the Tieflings Akmenos and Pankas, a Warlock and Warlord respectively, and a female Elf mage who shall remain unnamed and be forever put from the memories of the party.

9 Vir

After a day and many misadventures spent in town, the party secured a map and promise of pay from the Lord of Winterhaven, Padraig. With the Keep on the Shadowfell in their sights, the group set forth to expunge the Kobolds menacing the local farmers and trade road.

To their surprise it wasn’t Kobolds they found within the keep, but Goblins. After several skirmishes with the Goblins of Shadowfell, the party found themselves in several old tunnels beneath the keep, where they encountered a massive ooze and through some cunning managed to defeat the creature. Barricading the ooze’s former room, they spent a night resting to recover and prepare to fight their way back through the goblins.

10 Vir

The next morning Chrom and party assaulted the Goblins, slaying several before taking one who surrendered prisoner. After bribing their Goblin prisoner, Kurd with promises of wealth and power, they secured the location of the Goblin leader and a secret route into his chambers. Sneaking through the secret passage, the party managed to surprise the Goblin King and slew him as he fled. As promised, the party appointed Kurd as the new Goblin King, before leaving the keep with promises of securing peace between the Goblins of Shadowfell and the Humans of Winterhaven.


Svafa Svafa

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