Arkhosian Pantheon - Bahamut

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Bear in mind this page reflects the Arkhosian beliefs and may contradict views belonging to other pantheons.

Bahamut is the father of Metallic Dragons and the patron of Dragonborn.

Within Arkhosian tradition, Bahamut is the purest Masculine form, the ultimate Male. Thus, males are sacred to him and his priests are, with exceedingly rare exceptions, always male.

As the embodiment of Order, Bahamut also encompasses Law and Justice. This is where the most apparent Evil associated with Bahamut is recognized as well; he is Law without Freedom, Justice without Mercy. Bahamut embodies Tyranny as an extension of Order.

Bahamut is the aspect of Light, the Sun, and Heat. He embodies the elements of Air and Fire. As an extension of this, he is seen as the aspect of Action, always rising and expanding. And if left unchecked, he is the aspect of Excess and Pride, even the aspect of Wrath and Destruction.

Bahamut is seen in the Sunrise and the Noonday. His directions are North and East, as well as Right. His bodily aspects are the Head and the Organs, as well as the Soul, or Breath.

The servants of Bahamut include:

  • Astilabor – goddess of Status, Wealth, and Knowledge
  • Chronepsis – god of Fate, Death, and Judgment
  • Ferrabor – god of Craftmanship, Labour, and Strength
  • Garyx – god of Fire, Destruction, and Renewal
  • Hlal – goddess of Storytelling, Inspiration, and Travel
  • Hoar, the Doombringer – god of Revenge and Retribution
  • Kuyutha – Exarch of Service, Submission, and Martyrdom
  • Lendys – goddess of Battle and Strength
  • Sol, Dragon of the Sun – god of the Sun and father of Gold Dragons
  • St. Leomar – Exarch of Paladins, Kighthood, and Oaths
  • Tamara, the Golden Queen – goddess of Life, Light, and Healing
  • Vanathor, the Golden Harpist – god of Music and Inspiration
  • Xathanon – angel of Light

Additionally, he is served by the Seven Gold Wyrms.

Arkhosian Pantheon - Bahamut

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