Arkhosian Pantheon - Tiamat

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Bear in mind this page reflects the Arkhosian beliefs and may contradict views belonging to other pantheons.

Tiamat is the mother of Chromatic Dragons and the patron of Kobolds.

Tiamat embodies the quintessential Feminine form. Females are sacred to her and her priestesses are always female.

As the aspect of Chaos, Tiamat is also the aspect of Freedom and Mercy. In contrast to Bahamut she embodies complete Anarchy without Law or Justice, extending even to the domain of Deceit and Treachery.

Tiamat embodies the Dark, the Moon, and Cold. Her elements are Earth and Water, and she is the aspect of Rest, descending and contracting in opposition to Bahamut. By extension she is the aspect of the Hearth and Home. If left unchecked, she is the aspect of Lethargy and Remorse, as well as Greed and Hoarding.

Tiamat is seen in the Sunset and Midnight. Her directions are South and West, as well as Left. Her bodily aspects are the Body, the Scales, and the Bones, as well as the Blood.

The servants of Tiamat include:

  • Aasterinian – goddess of Charm, Illusion, Luck, and Trade
  • Amduscias – god of Negotiation, Storms, and Cacophony
  • Dhrakoh, the Corruptor – angel of Dark
  • Faluzure – god of Undeath and Decay
  • Gaknulak, the First Kobold – god of Stealth, Deceit, Traps, and mother of Kobolds
  • Goap – goddess of Feminine, Remorse, and Freedom
  • Laogzed – goddess of Avarice, Caves, and Poison
  • Kurtulmak – god of War and Mining
  • Malphas – goddess of Strongholds, Houses, and Towers
  • Panzuriel – god of Water, Erosion, and Fish
  • Sardior – goddess of Secrets, Magic, and Night
  • Sebek, the Smiling Death – god of Crocodiles, Rivers, and Wetlands
  • Semuanya – goddess of Fertility, Survival, and the Hearth
  • Tlaloc – god of Rain, Fertility, Mountains, and Springs

Arkhosian Pantheon - Tiamat

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