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Alignment: Unaligned
Portfolio: Civilization, Inventions, Law
Race: Minotaurs (taken from Baphomet)
Residence: Golden Palace of Aurosion in the astral metropolis Hestavar
Titles: Queen of Light

Names and other aspects:

Erathis is the namesake of the former Nerathi Empire and the greater Nerath region.
The Wendlas Halflings worship her as Yondalla, a goddess of protection, family, and trust, in conflict with the cruel and treacherous Zehir.
Bargrivyek is the Goblinoid name for Erathis, and is principally worshiped as a god of the tribe and home.
Known as Tamara by the Dragonborn of former Arkhosia.
Known as *Berronar by the Dammerungberg Dwarfs.

Exarchs and Lesser Deities:

Allitur – Human god of Ethics and Propriety
Arvoreen is the Halfling god of Protection, Vigilance, and War, and the husband of Yondalla.
Bralm – Halfling goddess of Insects and Industriousness
Brandobaris – Halfling god of Stealth, Thieves, and Adventuring
Cyrrollalee – Halfling goddess of Friendship, Trust, and Home
Edarmirrik is a gold dragon and Exarch of Trade honoured by the Humans of Nerath
Luthic – Orc goddess of Fertility, Medicine, Servitude, and Healing
Mouqol – Orc god of Trade, Negotiation, Ventures, Appraisal, and Reciprocity
Rudd – Human goddess of Chance, Good Luck, and Skill
Torm – Human god of Law, Duty, Loyalty, Obedience, and Truth
Tyr – Human god of Law and Justice
Urogalan – Halfling god of Earth, Death, and Protection of the Dead
Vatun – Orc god of the North, Cold, and Winter


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