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Bear in mind this page reflects the Arkhosian beliefs and may contradict views belonging to other pantheons.

The religious tradition of Arkhosia is a dualistic affair between the opposing forces of Bahamut and Tiamat. While the Nerathi pantheon extends this to assigning Bahamut as Good and Tiamat as Evil, the Arkhosian tradition does not hold to this division. In the Arkhosian tradition, it is the balance between the two forces that is responsible for Good and the imbalance that is responsible for Evil. Thus, the two sides rely on one another while opposing one another.

Often the two sides are simplified into Order and Chaos. While useful, this simplification fails to describe the full dichotomy. The two also exemplify the Maculine and Feminine, Light and Dark, and Action and Rest, among several other divided pairs.

This separation of powers is derived from the Arkhosian creation story. After the creation of the universe, but before the chaos had been subdued, was the Great Dragon Io, the Lord of the Gods, Father of Time, and Great Eternal Wheel. Io created the first dragons to subdue the creation and forge a balance between the forces of chaos and order. The demons of the Abyss, agents of destruction who seek nothing but a return to the primordial chaos, resented his influence and amassed an army against him. His forces engaged in battle, Io faced a powerful demon, Erek-Hus, also called the King of Terror, alone. Wielding an axe of uncut adamantine, Erek-Hus split Io from head to tail, cleaving the dragon-god into two equal halves.

From these halves sprang Bahamut and Tiamat, each possessing half the nature and power of Io. Together the two defeated the demon Erek-Hus and drove off the remaining forces of the Abyss. Their alliance, however, was short-lived, and the two immediately fell to fighting one another until both retreated from the battlefield, evenly matched.


Io was the Great Dragon, predecessor of Bahamut and Tiamat. He embodied Balance and was a powerful force of Good before his death.


Bahamut is the father of Metallic Dragons and the patron of Dragonborn. He is seen as the embodiment of the Masculine, Order, Fire, Air, and Light. He is the predominant symbol of Arkhosia.


Tiamat is the mother of Chromatic Dragons and the patron of Kobolds. She is seen as the embodiment of the Feminine, Freedom, Earth, Water, and Darkness.


Chronepsis is the eldest child of Bahamut and Tiamat, a powerful dragon god of Fate and Time.

Sol and Tamara

Sol and Tamara are the Dragon of the Sun and the Golden Queen, respectively. All gold dragons are descended from the two of them.

Hlal and Aasterinian

Hlal and Aasterinian are worshipped separately, but generally believed to be the same deity representing different aspects of the same domain.

The Seven Gold Wyrms

The Seven Gold Wyrms are an order of dragons serving as the mortal liaisons of Bahamut. While not deities, they are often depicted alongside deities and compared to exarchs.

Other Arkhosian Deities
  • Servants of Bahamut
    • Astilabor – goddess of Status, Wealth, and Knowledge
    • Ferrabor – god of Craftmanship, Labour, and Strength
    • Garyx – god of Fire, Destruction, and Renewal
    • Hoar, the Doombringer – god of Revenge and Retribution
    • Kuyutha – Exarch of Service, Submission, and Martyrdom
    • Lendys – goddess of Battle and Strength
    • St. Leomar – Exarch of Paladins, Kighthood, and Oaths
    • Vanathor, the Golden Harpist – god of Music and Inspiration
    • Xathanon – angel of Light
  • Servants of Tiamat
    • Amduscias – god of Negotiation, Storms, and Cacophony
    • Dhrakoh, the Corruptor – angel of Dark
    • Faluzure – god of Undeath and Decay
    • Gaknulak, the First Kobold – god of Stealth, Deceit, Traps, and mother of Kobolds
    • Goap – goddess of Feminine, Remorse, and Freedom
    • Laogzed – goddess of Avarice, Caves, and Poison
    • Kurtulmak – god of War and Mining
    • Malphas – goddess of Strongholds, Houses, and Towers
    • Panzuriel – god of Water, Erosion, and Fish
    • Sardior – goddess of Secrets, Magic, and Night
    • Sebek, the Smiling Death – god of Crocodiles, Rivers, and Wetlands
    • Semuanya – goddess of Fertility, Survival, and the Hearth
    • Tlaloc – god of Rain, Fertility, Mountains, and Springs

The Arkhosian Pantheon

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