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Bear in mind this page reflects the Turathi beliefs and may contradict views belonging to other pantheons.

Dis is the second realm of Baator, reserved for cowards, thieves, impostors, and other frauds. Known as the Burning City, the realm resides in the volcanic mountains beyond Avernus, and is likewise considered one of the realms of hell in the Turathi afterlife.


The entirety of the realm is confined within the tall iron walls that surround the city. Nonetheless, as a hell of deception and fraud, many find themselves unexpectedly within its borders before realizing they were approaching its entrance. As its gates are fiercely guarded and its streets meander aimlessly, leaving is much more difficult.

The city itself is deceptively small. Roads and alleys often loop back on themselves or terminate in one of the great squares. Legends hold that the roads are enchanted, having more exits than entrances and change course every time they are traveled, creating a maze where thieves and cutthroats lurk around every corner.

And then there’s the heat. A volcanic realm, the streets radiate extreme heat, occasionally erupting and flowing with lava as the residents seek shelter. The buildings of the city do little to deter the constant heat of the volcanic city, however, as the primary building material is the same iron as its walls.

Above the city and always visible is the Iron Tower, the residence of the realm’s overseer, Dispater. Constructed of iron and lead, the skyscraper’s form is constantly changing and shifting, never appearing quite the same. Near its base lie the magma pits, where the truly vile forever burn.


Dispater appears as a tall Tiefling, carrying both a rod and a staff to signify his rulership of Dis. Highly suspicious and a deity of Cunning, Paranoia, and Cowards, he rarely leaves his impregnable tower.

Aym has the body and appearance of a man, but three heads: one of a serpent, one of a man, and one of a cat. He is a deity of Fire and Wit, as well as Private Knowledge, and is often sought for information, or to destroy a place by fire. Like many Turathi deities, he is said to have been a mortal who rose to his position in the afterlife.

Andromalius is a man and is always seen carrying a massive serpent in his hand. He is a deity of punishment for wrong-doing, bringing back thieves and returning stolen goods, in addition to uncovering dishonest dealings and hidden treasure. Like many Turathi deities, he is said to have been a mortal who rose to his position in the afterlife.

Furfur is a winged hart, but takes many appearances unless forced to reveal his true form. A deity of Liars and Scoundrels, he must be compelled through magic to answer truthfully. He can also create Storms, Tempests, Lightning, Thunder, and is a deity of Deer.

Ose appears as a leopard with a large mouth. He is a deity of Deception and Insanity, causing his targets to believe themselves an animal of his choosing. He is also a deity of Leopards.

Raum is a crow with the appearance of a human. He is a deity of Theft and Bribery, in addition to Crows. He is also said to be able to tell the past, present, and future, and to reconcile friends and foes. He is a common deity among Turathi thieves and responsible for the crow motif of their guilds.

Shax is a stork with a hoarse voice and a great liar, but if forced to enter a magic triangle speaks with a beautiful voice and always tells the truth. He is a deity of Honourable Thieves, stealing from kings to return it to the people. He is also a deity of Blindness and Deafness, afflicting such ailments as he desires.

Syrul appears as a filthy hag in tattered garments. She is a deity of Lies, Deceit, Treachery, and False Promises. Like many Turathi deities, she is said to have been a mortal who rose to her position in the afterlife.

Valefor is a lion with the head of a donkey. He is a deity of Thieves and Thievery, and maintains good relationships between thieves. He is said to be able to compel people to steal.

Turathi Pantheon - Dis

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