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Bear in mind this page reflects the Turathi beliefs and may contradict views belonging to other pantheons.

Minauros is known as the City of Gold, where merchants and priests spend the afterlife. The most commonly accepted belief holds that Minauros is the third realm of hell, punishing the greedy and miserly. In the most extreme cases, it is believe that Minauros and Dis are both part of the same city, only nominally separated. However, some hold that Minauros is the first of the realms of purgatory, the greedy and miserly belonging rightfully to the realm of Dis. Regardless of tradition, Turathi moral tales on charity and honest dealings commonly feature a merchant in Minauros suddenly finding himself among thieves in Dis.


An affluent realm, the City of Gold is much more open and colourful than its dismal neighbour. Shops and temples line its streets, many of the lesser deities attending or even overseeing their own services and practitioners.

Bordering the volcanic realm of Dis and nourished by the inland delta of the river Phlegethon, the realm hosts a variety of plant life. Abandoned buildings are engulfed in vines and creepers as they sink into the marshy soil, forming islands in the meandering river. Market squares are set up beneath the canopies of ancient trees, often with merchants contesting the right to sell the local fruit.

But those who hold it as a realm of hell caution against its apparent beauty. Dangerous monsters prowl the jungles and deadly predators swim the waters of the Phlegethon, to say nothing of the resident souls who cheat and swindle to feed their own greed.


Mammon, the Lord of Avarice, is a massive serpent with a humanoid torso and red-gold scales. He rules Minauros from his golden temple in the center of the city. He is a deity of Avarice and Greed, controlling the markets and trade of his realm, ensuring his own wealth.

Barbatos is a bearded, old man with a wizened face. He is a deity of Beards, Old Age, and Philosophers. He is said to grant the ability to understand animals, and can track treasures hidden by enchantment.

Bathin is a strong Tiefling with the tail of a serpent, who rides a pale horse. He is a deity of Magical Travel and Portals, and a deity of Appraisal, knowing the value and use of gems and herbs. Like many Turathi deities, he is said to have been a mortal who rose to his position in the afterlife.

Berith appears as a soldier wearing red clothes, a gold crown, and riding a red horse. He is a deity of Status, Wealth, Gold, and Alchemy. He is said to have first learned the secret of turning any metal into gold.

Foras appears as a strong Human man and is a deity of Logic, Ethics, and Long Life. He is incited by poets and philosophers for the gift of wit and eloquence.

Naberius appears as a raven, or sometimes as a three-headed dog. His voice is harsh, but he presents himself as eloquent and amiable. He is a deity of Ravens, the Arts, and especially Rhetoric and Speech.

Ronove is a dwarfish Tiefling bearing a staff or walking stick. He is a deity of Languages, Loyal Servants, and the Impure of Blood. He is said to collect the souls of those with impure Human and Tiefling stock. Like many Turathi deities, he is said to have been a mortal who rose to his position in the afterlife.

Seere is a beautiful man riding a pegasus. He is a deity of Travel and Abundance, in addition to the Pegasi. Like many Turathi deities, he is said to have been a mortal who rose to his position in the afterlife.

Turathi Pantheon - Minauros

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