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Bear in mind this page reflects the Turathi beliefs and may contradict views belonging to other pantheons.

Phlegethos, also known as the Oasis Garden, is where maidens and children spend the afterlife. Often considered the first realm of purgatory, it is an idyllic setting where youth and innocence are fostered.


Named for the spring that forms the river Phlegethon, the realm is a pastoral landscape in the midst of an unforgiving desert. Flowers and fruit trees proliferate, providing food to the realms carefree inhabitants. Only the most basic of shelters are found within the realm, most prefering the open sky and only seeking the shelter of tents and leantos in the heat of the day.

Though it borders Minauros, Malbolge, Maladomini, and Nessus, the realm remains secluded from the other realms of Baator due to its surrounding desert. Thus it remains safe from incursion and the corrupting influence of its less savory neighbours.


Belial, Father of the Phlegethon, is a tall, dark-skinned Tiefling in appearance. He dresses regally and carries a ranseur, warding the realm of any trouble and protecting its inhabitants. He is a deity of Protection, Guardianship, and Parenthood, especially Fathers.

Fierna, Daughter of the Phlegethon, appears as a beautiful, young Tiefling with a carefree nature. She spends much of her time at play, enjoying the Oasis Garden and its delights. She is a deity of Innocence, Children, and Maidens.

Buer commonly appears as a centaur carrying a bow and quiver of arrows, but is also known to appear as the head of a lion surrounded by five goat legs. He is reputed for his wisdom and teaching Philosophy, Logic, and the value of Herbs and Plants. He is also a deity of Healing and Rejuvenation.

Chloris is a pale nymph always surrounded by flowers. She sometimes appears to grow from a flower. She is a deity of Spring, Flowers, and Innocence.

Gazra looks like a humanoid lizard covered in barbs and spines. He dwells in the deep desert, only coming to the Oasis in the evenings. He is a deity of Desert Animals, particularly reptiles, and the Sun.

Sitri is depicted with the face of a leopard and the body of a griffin, but will appear as a beautiful man if requested. He is a deity of Reciprocated Love and Relationships, and is often invoked by ladies to attract desirable suitors and by wives to ensure their husband’s fidelity.

Valac appears as a small, poor boy with angelic wings, often astride a two-headed dragon. In addition to being a deity of Children, he has great power over Serpents and can render them harmless.

Zepar dresses as a soldier in red. He is a deity of Maidens and Love, as well as Fertility. He is often conjured by young men seeking the favour of a lady.

Turathi Pantheon - Phlegethos

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