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Bear in mind this page reflects the Turathi beliefs and may contradict views belonging to other pantheons.

Stygia surrounds a large bay formed by the river Styx. Known as the Heavenly Port, it is where sailors and the drowned go in death, and according to some traditions, pirates as well. As a port, it is the only realm within Baator where nonhuman deities and souls are tolerated.


Built around the bay formed by the river Styx, the realm is a large port city bordered along the coast by the mountains of Dis to the north and the hills of Malbolge to the south. Inland it borders the City of Gold, Minauros, and Cania, the source of the Styx.

Ships of all sizes and shapes dot the black waters of the bay, arriving and departing the realms of Baator. Taverns, fisheries, warehouses, and drydocks fill the city with very few permanent residences or industries unrelated to the waters of the bay. Prince Levistus rules the realm from a giant iceberg floating in the harbor.


Levistus appears as a handsome, pale Human with completely black eyes and shark teeth. He remains frozen in an iceberg in the harbor of Stygia, from which he rules the realm. He is a deity of Ice, Winter, and the Tide, feared for his callous cruelty and appeased for favourable tides.

Crocell manifests as a winged angel bearing a sword. She speaks in dark and mysterious ways and is a deity of Rivers, Warm Waters, and Hot Springs.

Focalor appears as a Tiefling with eagle wings or as a griffin. He is known to kill and drown men and to overthrow warships, and is often conjured expressly to be commanded not to do so. He is a deity of Wind, Sea, Naval Battle, and Griffins.

Forneus is a massive kraken revered by fishermen. She is a deity of Fish and Fishing.

Gaap appears as a Human sailor in regal finery. He controls the element of Water and has many water elementals in his service. He teaches Consecration through water and blesses Sea Travel.

Gamigin appears as a donkey or sometimes as a Human with the head of a Donkey. He speaks with a rough spluttering and judges the Drowned. He is also a deity of the Sea and Discovery, able to perceive the nature of ones soul.

Vepar is a beautiful siren who guides Warships and can control Sea Storms. She may cause or cure Sores and Seasickness, and is a deity of Mermaids.

Turathi Pantheon - Stygia

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