Seven-Pillared Hall

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See Characters of the Seven-Pillared Hall for more information on the residents and organizations of the Hall.

The Seven-Pillared Hall is a trade town located in the Thunderspire Labyrinth, facilitating trade between the Nentir Vale and the Underdark. It was formerly ruled by the Mages of Saruun, a semi-secret society of mages, but is now governed by a council representing the major powers within the Hall.

The Hall is divided in two by an underground river. The western half, often referred to as Hall Market, houses the bazaar and market, and is populated primarily by the races of the Nentir Vale. The eastern half, known as Easthall, is populated primarily by the races of the Underdark and is also where the Mage Tower and the guard headquarters are located.

Ziggurats dating back to the Minotaur empire have been converted to serve as residences and businesses throughout the hall. Bridges on the higher levels span the gaps between them and the newer buildings, creating two or three tiers of traffic in some places. Many buildings of stone and brick dot the cavern, some built into the ruins of former ziggurats while others are built freestanding. Both Dwarfen and Human architectural influences are notably present throughout the Hall. Many of the lower areas of the Hall are filled with wooden and cloth lean-tos and tents, especially around the Market.

Ferns and mosses grow throughout the Hall, fed by the unnatural light of the arcane lamps. Fungi are present in many areas as well, especially on walls. The most notable is the softly glowing blue fungi that grows in large patches on the upper reaches of the cavern’s ceiling, and feeds the numerous bats.

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Seven-Pillared Hall

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