Shadowfell Keep

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The road to Shadowfell Keep is arduous, overgrown with grass, ferns, and small trees. Even with the growing Goblin kingdom, few travelers use the road and no one bothers to maintain the path. The keep isn’t in much better shape either; great piles of shattered stone blocks and scorched timbers dominate the clearing that was the keep. A few young plants grow among the ruins, the forest only recently having begun to intrude into the clearing.

Despite this, evidence of habitation and construction are present. A few acres in the vicinity of the keep have been cleared for agriculture, including a pig farm. Within the keep, the old chapel has been restored, and a portion of the old barracks have been converted into a bunkhouse where half a dozen Humans from Winterhaven are settled. Near one of the ruined towers, debris and rubble have been cleared to reveal a staircase leading into the catacombs and the residence of the local Goblins, while above the crumbling walls, Goblin sentries can be seen atop the sole surviving stone watch tower and a newly constructed wooden tower.

Current Keep Statistics

Leaders: Kurd, Splug, Tunks, Gimby
Acreage: Developed: 2; Agriculture: 6; Vacant: 10
Goblin Population: 26 peons; 11 warriors; 6 experts
Other Population: 4 Human warriors; 1 Human expert
Community/Harmony: +1 / +1
Trade Income: 110g/month
Current Treasury: 74g

  • Bunkhouse (Decent): 5 Humans
  • Catacombs (Squalid): up to 200 Goblins
  • Chapel: +1 Strengthen Community/Negotiate Relations
  • Pig Farm: +1 total Agriculture; provides meat for Butcher
  • Ruins (92 sq): Reduce building costs by 10%; remove 1 sq/5g saved
  • Watch Tower (stone): +2 acres patrolled; requires 1 warrior
  • Watch Tower (wood): +1 acre patrolled; requires 1 warrior

Shadowfell Keep

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