The Hanging Kobold

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The log house rests beneath the branches of an ancient oak, the only growth atop the bald hill. Three leathery corpses twist in the wind, amid a dozen nooses hanging from the oak’s limbs. Near the road an old wooden sign reads “Hostel – Work for Stay”. A short walk from the rear of the house, a mud and thatch stable is set on the side of the hill.

Grassy hills spread for miles to the north and west, broken only by the occasional cluster of thatch huts. The ground flattens out to the east and a large forest lies maybe a mile to the south.

Inside, the log house is comprised of a single massive room with a floor of packed earth. Two rows of wooden support beams run the length of the building. A cauldron hangs over the fire pit to one side of the room near an old, rough-cut wooden table. A few cots and bunks are spread about the room, and a small loft is built into one of the back corners. A partition of hanging canvas marks off a private area beneath the loft where the elderly owners stay. Several dogs wander about the place.

The Hanging Kobold

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